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2002 Mitsubishi Mirage Bumper Cover, Front
2003 Volkswagen Jetta Bumper Cover, Front
Bumper Cover, Front (SDN), VIN M (8TH DIGIT)
2001 Pontiac Grand AM Bumper Cover, Front
Bumper Cover, Front OEM, 12335556-S
2008 Chevy Impala Bumper Cover, Front
Bumper Cover, Front OEM, 89025048-S
2002 Honda Accord Bumper Cover, Front
Bumper Cover, Front SDN (4 DR) AFTMKT COVER
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Bumper Cover - Bumper Cover Replacement

Bumper Cover

Bumper covers would have never become as popular as they are today had they not been so useful in improving the appearance of ordinary looking cars and trucks. The metal bumper was chrome plated and various accessories and ornaments were used along with the same to make the car look stylish. However, the ordinary bumper posed one problem. It was not possible to manipulate metal beyond a certain limit. This meant that the designer often had to work within a certain limit. The bumper could be modified in isolation. However, it could never be made a part of the car itself. It had to be fixed away from the automobile because it had a very important safety function to perform.

Further, its size could not be increased beyond a certain limit as it was made of metal. Using oversized bumpers would increase the weight of the vehicle. All these problems were solved with a single invention- bumper covers. There are vehicles with a rectangular rear portion with the edges softened and curvy. The car ends abruptly in a metal strip fitted to protect the car from impact. This is where an auto bumper cover will make a huge difference. The bumper cover can be used to create a symmetrical replica and to make the rear portion of the car look a lot better.This is the reason why car bumper covers became popular once the craze for oversized bumpers had passed in the late 60's.

Another reason that contributed to the popularity of these parts is the fact that it was made of plastic. The cover does not play any role in the protection of the car in low speed impact. Rather, it only enhances protection for the bumper. At the end of the day, it is the bumper that is expected to serve as the last line of defense in event of an impact.

A cheap bumper cover will add very little to the weight of the car. However, it can be used to change the appearance of the car in a jiffy. It can be painted in different colors, designed in different shapes and even slits of different sizes can be made on the bumper cover to make the car look different.

Over the years, the bumper cover has become an integral part of the car. Hence, it is not surprising that it is repaired and replaced very often. A scratch is enough to spoil the paint finish of the cover. Repairing plastic is not easy as you cannot just heat it and bang it back into its original shape. The task of cleaning, scrubbing, sand papering and repainting the bumper cover can be a time consuming and laborious job. That is the reason why car repairers are offering paintless dent repair to get the job done faster and at lower cost.

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