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2002 Mitsubishi Mirage Bumper Cover, Front
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Bumper Cover, Front OEM, 12335556-S
2008 Chevy Impala Bumper Cover, Front
Bumper Cover, Front OEM, 89025048-S
2002 Honda Accord Bumper Cover, Front
Bumper Cover, Front SDN (4 DR) AFTMKT COVER
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OEM Bumper Cover

Buy the best OEM bumper covers

What factors should you keep in mind when buying a bumper cover? The first and the most important question that you must answer is whether you can afford OEM bumper cover or not. If you can, then whether you want to buy the OEM unit or whether you want to enjoy the extra choice provided by aftermarket manufacturers.

Buying front OEM bumper covers will be a risk free affair. You just have to buy it, fix it and forget it. However, your corvette will be no different than the hundreds and thousands of corvettes on the road. You do not have the option of buying an aftermarket cover and customizing the same to make your car look different. You can jump models or makes to make your car look like a custom made automobile that resembles no other automobile. Not only will the ugly bumper be completely covered but the style quotient of your automobile too will change

If the rear portion of your car resembles half a box, you can use bumper cover to make it look like a symmetrical rectangular box. Or, you can have your car look like two trapeziums joined at its base. You can opt for covers with space for fog lamps and other accessories as well.

You can also go in for foam and other shock absorbing substances which will protect your bumper from bearing the entire impact. Almost all modern cars will have a shock absorber after the cover, usually a honeycombed metal or fiberglass strip which will crumple under impact.

You can opt for the shock resistant material or you can go in for a plain cover that will be stuck on to the bumper in such a manner that the cover will not come loose until it is pried with the help of a screwdriver. The clips are usually made of plastic and will snap if it is not fixed properly. A broken clip is enough to render the bumper useless until the same is repaired.

Once this step is completed, you should choose the design and the color of replacement bumper cover. There is no compulsion to choose the same color. You can also go in for white colored primer coated bumper covers so that you can apply paint later as well.

The best place to buy such covers is the World Wide Web. Online stores like reviews offer a large number of new and used bumpers and bumper covers. If you are searching for a replacement bumper, then this is the right time to go in bumper covers as well. You can just order both these parts together so that you can get both fixed when you are employing the services of a professional.

You can find bumper repair kits or tools to OEM bumper cover, fit new bumper cover or used bumper covers on the web. If you are very particular about the appearance of your car and about minor scratches and dents, just have a kit in your car at all times.
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